Heng Ling


Lying north-south, Hengling Bridge is located in Hengling village, Hedi town, Qingyuan county and rebuilt in 1948,. The bridge reaches overall length of 16.70 m, spans 2.7m, and 2.7 m high, 4.50m wide with 7 gallery houses.


The wisdom of Dong people was showed in front of us immediately when we walked in the Hengling drum-tower, which was located in the Hengling, Pingtan village at the southwest of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, Hunan Province. 


Hengling drum-tower is consist of gate 1, gate 2 and main drum tower which are built in different ages. Hengling drum-tower shows heroism and supremacy among Dong villages, and becomes the symbol of them.


Local people were resting in the Hengling Bridge and Drum-tower, chatting and relaxing. This image is called “Harmony and symbiosis”.