The Tomb of Shengji in Dachewan, Qingquan Village

The Tomb of Shengji in Dachewan is located in 6th group of Qingquan Village, Tonggu town, Youyang. It was built in the winter of 1876. It is an empty tomb and is known as “Shengji”, with a length of 5 metres, both width and height of 4 metres approximately.

This tomb was said to be built by a rich man named Ran Guangchao. It took him a lot of money, 3 Tujia mansonries and 3 years to finish the job, but the tomb was sold to a man surnamed Fan because of a small hole in the back of the Shengji stone and a dead beggar in it. Fan spent 2 years fixing it, but it remains empty till today.