Fulfilling old vows – record of Baimatan, Youyang village, Chongqing

How to protect Yang Drama, a state – level intangible cultural heritage in a poor village where the average annual income is less than 2000 RMB? We reproduced the real performance and daily life of 9 drama artists and 4 drummers. Focusing on demonstrating the culture of Yang Drama, we participated in the drama ourselves and hosted a special party for local villagers. By watching these videos, we need to realize  that their dedication and commitment are not only a mere performance, but also a kind of cohesion and release of “social capital”.


There are 13 members in Baimatan, who are led by  Chen Yongxia, the performer of witch. Chen Yongxia enshrines the God Guangong in her house for worship, which also draws local villagers to come and pray to. According to her, Yang Drama is usually performed for making a wish, both big and small.