The performance steps of Yang Drama

Yang Drama is a combination of sacrificial ceremonies and theatrical performance, including 7 steps.

First,  the host family would invite God to pray for the success of the ceremony.

Second, Guan Gong would come and drive away any lingering evil spirits.

Third, lady Pang would be invited to realize the dream of the host family, as well as to spread the principles of Confucianism throughout her story.

Fourth, the formal performance would begin. The play would be set according to both the wishes of the host family and of the crew.

Fifth, the host family would pray to the gods for blessing, then send the gods back to where they belong.

Sixth, the crew would perform the scene of Gong Guan driving away disasters and welcoming happiness, and would bid the god farewell before his leave.

Seventh, after Gong Guan’s leave, the whole performance would come to an end and the crew would bid the family farewell. The host and other members turn their back to the family at the crossroads near the house in the afternoon, then throw an egg high into the sky, which was laid on the family shrine in the beginning of the ceremony. By breaking the egg the host can see whether the ceremony is a success.