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Seminar for Interaction Design modules (II)

四月 , 8th , 2009 -- 4 : 26 下午

A seminar for Interaction Design course module was held on April 8, 2009 in the Continuing Education Building. It is also the last lesson for the course of Foundations of Interaction Design. Students made presentations to publish their works and teachers made comments. Hu Ying, who is the teacher in charge of the course, Tan hao, Yuan Xiang, Tan Zhengyu and some other teachers in the module attended the seminar. Two Nokia researchers, Liu Ying and Wang Wei gave wonderful lectures to students.
The lecture given by Researcher Liu Ying was User-Centered Design. Three parts were included: why we should be User-Centered; understand users– the methods, clues and solutions; involving users—prototype and usability test. According to problems reflected from the students’ presentations, Researcher Wang Wei talked about “what is not interaction design” and guided the students to understand the concise meaning of interaction design. He also introduced the steps and methods on user study.
The suggestions and comments made by teachers and the Nokia researchers would benefit a lot to students as they become more open and clear after the seminar.

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