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研究提案:基于品牌的新平衡 / Research Proposal——A Brand Way to New Balance

十二月 , 21st , 2004 -- 8 : 12 下午

Tie. Ji
Via Durando 38/A
20158 Milano
With the developing of global economic, the trade between Italy and China is growing up fluently, especially, in TextilesGarmentsFootwear fields. It has been a successful cooperation. At the same time, however, in recent 2 years, a lot of problems and conflicts appear in this trade which should be paid concerning.

Redesign the Environment & Service System for Zhuzhou Commercial Bank

四月 , 16th , 2004 -- 6 : 53 下午


Facing the era of knowledge economy, the development of small and medium-sized commercial banks is full of opportunities and challenges. We must make effective use of bank outlets, build core competitive power, reduce transaction costs and provide excellent customer service. Outlets should be changed to channels which provide maximize profits to customers while ensuring that consumers receive the same customer experience.

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The Impression Bar

一月 , 16th , 2004 -- 6 : 58 下午

POO-OUR STORY…… As farmers waiting for the right condition so they can embrace harvest, Hunan University has waited too. But now, the time is right!

Join us for your harvest at Impression Bar.

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