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How to Cooperate in Collaborative Design: A Study of Interactive Behaviours at Different Design Capability Levels

四月 , 3rd , 2020 -- 9 : 53 下午

Xing Du, Tie Ji & Ying Hu
The Design Journal, 23:3, 347-369, DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2020.1746610
To understand the different interactive behavioural patterns of designers at different design capability level in collaborative design, this study tries to reveal the interactive behaviours in the novice team, competent team and expert team respectively. The results show that during collaborative design, the team members adopted 4 interactive behaviours alternately, which resulted in 12 interactive behaviour stimulation modes. Moreover, designers in the three categories of teams displayed different interactive behav- iours and interactive behaviour stimulation modes. Design educators can guide low-level designers according to the interactive behaviours and interactive behaviour stimulation modes of high-level ones. These findings are meaningful for assessing and promoting teamwork in design education.

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