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State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics,Hunan University

十一月 , 18th , 2008 -- 7 : 02 下午

State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics,Hunan University, is established in July 2001. The laboratory has accomplished and is undertaking a number of national and provincial fundamental and applied fundamental research projects. The quantity and quality of the academic papers issued are among the best in China.

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Design Lab: Social Design and Community Action

十一月 , 10th , 2008 -- 2 : 52 下午

On the afternoon of November 6th 2008, professor Michael B.LeBlanc of NSCAD Canada gave a speech at School of Design, Hunan University. His topic is “Design Lab: Social Design and Community Action”.During the speech, professor Michael B.LeBlanc answered questions raised by the students and discussed issues such as Canadian design, localized design etc. NSCAD is one of the earliest art university in North America, it is also among the top art universities in that region.
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十一月 , 3rd , 2008 -- 3 : 11 下午


Design director of sony (shanghai) creation centre visited school of design

十月 , 7th , 2008 -- 3 : 24 下午

On the afternoon of October 7th, 2008, the design director of Sony (Shanghai) Creation Centre visited our college.
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Video Communication Project for Siemens BSW

九月 , 5th , 2008 -- 7 : 14 下午

BSW Household Appliances Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, it is a joint venture by Bosch and Siemens Household Appliances Group (BSH) of Germany and Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. It manufactures front loader washing machines and clothes dryers for Siemens. In the past decades, BSW obtained great developments on corporation management, market share and talent training. BSW needs to review the corporate achievements to encourage the staff while at the same time tell them about the new corporation strategy. 
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Delegation from Microsoft Visited Our School

八月 , 12th , 2008 -- 4 : 31 下午

On August 11, 2008, Eric Lang, general manager, Malek Chalabi, product designer, William Ngan, senior user experience designer, who came from the Startup Business Accelerator in Microsoft visited School of Design accompanied by Huang Xuedong, who is a visiting professor in Hunan university, honorary Dean of School of Software and general manager of research and development incubator of Microsoft Research U.S.
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Hunan Government’s English Website

八月 , 7th , 2008 -- 6 : 38 下午


In order to better connect with the international society, thoroughly carry out the policy of emancipating the mind and deepen the reform, the Hunan Provincial Government decided to build the English official website. The website is supposed to show the image of Hunan in an all-round point of view based on English interfaces, issue information about policies, announcements, expenditure, personnel appointment and removal to the world at large. Simultaneously this website provides services and information on investment to people both home and abroad. Online service is available to investors all around world.
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从文字设计竞赛中探寻中文字的未来属性 / The exploration of Chinese typo’s future through typography design competitions

七月 , 16th , 2008 -- 8 : 16 下午



刊号:ISSN1007-4759 (国际)/CN44-1262/TB (国内)


作者:陈星海 Chen Xinghai  / 季铁 Ji Tie


文字设计与传播(教材)/Typography design&communication

六月 , 8th , 2008 -- 3 : 25 下午

作者:Ji Tie / 季铁



现代平面设计概论(教材)/An Introduction to Modern Graphic Design

六月 , 1st , 2008 -- 2 : 57 下午

作者:Ji Tie / 季铁



ISBN  978—7—04—023563—0


2008 National Conference on Construction and Discussion High Quality Courses of Design Major Held in Hunan University

五月 , 21st , 2008 -- 2 : 08 下午

From May 16th to 18th 2008, the National Conference on Construction and Discussion High Quality Courses of Design Major was Held in Hunan University.

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2008 National Conference on Construction and Discussion High Quality Courses of Design Major will Hold in Hunan University

五月 , 16th , 2008 -- 8 : 33 上午

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2008 Motorola Workshop

四月 , 18th , 2008 -- 4 : 44 下午

Zhang Hu, a Student of School of Design Won the Testimonial Award of 2008 Seoul Olympiad design

四月 , 17th , 2008 -- 4 : 35 下午

2008 Seoul Olympiad design was the first time organized by Seoul government. It is an integrated design competition, accepts entries from all over the world. The theme is air design, including earth, water, wind, fire, to design a new type of city. Zhang Hu, a student of School of Design won the testimonial award.
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浅析本土动画片中角色群的视觉形象设计 / An alysis of the Visual Image Design of Character Colony in Local Anima tion

四月 , 16th , 2008 -- 8 : 19 下午

作者:邓哲云 Deng Zheyun / 季铁 Ji Tie

摘 要: 本土动画已经成为当今社会关注的热点。然而本土作品中普遍存在的角色群视觉形象混乱的现象,阻碍了产业的健康和可持续发展。本文从案例入手,对现象和背后成因进行解析,进而提出了角色群视觉形象的设计原则和方法模型。
关键词: 本土动画 角色群 视觉形象 角色谱系

Corporate Communication

四月 , 1st , 2008 -- 10 : 30 上午

传播设计和中国文化 / Communication Design and Culture in China

三月 , 16th , 2008 -- 8 : 10 下午

刊登期刊: Designing Designers: Design Evolution by East&West



作者:Ji Tie

While the global economical pattern changing and new business mode spring up, new media and technology prompt traditional visual arts essential revolution. Respect of design education, there are two different orientations to rectify the trend. Some of universities, based on graphic design, added more new specialties such as new media, animation, and digital information design; and some others are trying to build new integrated structure of didactic system, as known as communication design to replace graphic design, such as Politecnico di Milano, and School of Design, Carnegie Mellon.

“建筑图像派”与室内空间的图式与体验 / “Archigram”&Pattern Communication In Interior Space

一月 , 16th , 2008 -- 8 : 09 下午



刊号:1006-8260 (国际)/43-1247/TS (国内)


作者:黄飞 Huang Fei / 季铁 Ji Tie

摘要:后工业社会现代传播科技和消费主义促使以“图像”和“形象”为中心的视觉文化传播系统构筑了我们新的视觉生态环境。未来主义的“建筑图像派”作品体现了对非物质属性和文化的强调, 这种趋势将深刻的影响到未来的室内空间与家居产品设计,图式的运用将视觉图像设计、多媒体设计、空间设计与家居设计相融合,构成未来室内设计“视觉文化”的综合表达。
关键词:建筑图像派,整合设计,非物质文化, 图式


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