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地域性非物质文化的可持续设计与传播战略 / Sustainable Design and Communication Strategy for Territory Immaterial Culture

十二月 , 16th , 2007 -- 8 : 18 下午




作者:杨媛媛 Yang Yuanyuan  / 季铁 Ji Tie

内容摘要:在后工业时代的社会多元化需求背景下,具有地域特色的非物质文化显得越来越重要,同时也面临着被破坏和失传的危机。通过非物质主义(Immaterial)的可持续现代工业设计( Sustainable Design)方法、新媒体技术的传播设计 (Communication Design)与战略,可为保护和发展非物质文化做出新贡献,并对未来的非物质文化和地方产业、社区文化的结合与振兴起到重要的建设与指导作用。

Hello Beauty

八月 , 26th , 2007 -- 6 : 01 下午

In the past 15 years, “Beauty Baby” became very famous in Changsha. But today, considering the further development of the brand, we focus on how to make it more fashion and unique. After redesigned the logo, we solved the problems existed through repositioning the brand gene and adjusting the brand’s structure. We also planned a series of activities to expand the influence of the brand.

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The Venice Biennale 2007:Award nominated

六月 , 13th , 2007 -- 5 : 25 下午

先驱“品牌驱动”商业模式与中国男装品牌战略思考 / “brand-driven” business model and men’s wear brands in china

五月 , 16th , 2007 -- 8 : 21 下午





作者:朱诗源 Zhu Shiyuan / 季 铁 Ji Tie

摘要:本文以David Aaker所在的先驱品牌咨询公司提出的“品牌驱动”的商业模式作为工具,针对中国男装市场机遇、品牌表现、品牌构架、品牌识别与定位、品牌体验与服务设计等问题进行了分析,提出了以本土资源(生产、文化)为基础,以系统的现代设计方法和国际化的品牌运营为工具,打造具有中国文化特点的国际男装品牌的可能性。


International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont – France

五月 , 11th , 2007 -- 3 : 30 下午


Communication Design for GE Edison Award — Asia Pacific Call For Entries

四月 , 30th , 2007 -- 6 : 36 下午

Communication Design for GE Edison Award — Asia Pacific Call For Entries

GE Edison Award is a prestigious lighting design competition sponsored by GE. With the heritage of Edison, the inventor of the first lamp in the world, the award is to recognize excellence and quality in professional lighting designs that employ significant and creative use of GE lighting products in a lighting design project.
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2007 Motorola Workshop

四月 , 16th , 2007 -- 7 : 10 下午

 On April 23th, 2007, Moto Innovation Workshop was started in School of Design, Hunan University. The workshop was hosted by UI manager Dennis Poon and senior UI designer Qiao Li from Motorola Beijing Design Center. 21 graduate students took joined the workshop.

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Hunan Industrial Design Association

四月 , 8th , 2007 -- 6 : 35 下午

Hunan Industrial Design Association(HIDA) is a professional, academic and non-profit organization that composes of companies and institutions that dedicate to industrial design, social organizations and industrial designers, departments, entrepreneurs and social activists that support and care for industrial design in Hunan.
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四月 , 5th , 2007 -- 10 : 22 下午

设计艺术学专业研究生教育发展趋势初探315设计艺术学专业研究生教育发展趋势初探315作者:何铭锋 季铁


Senyuan Furniture Project

一月 , 16th , 2007 -- 6 : 49 下午

Senyuan has been developing high quality hotel furniture for years. In 2007, Senyuan changed their market strategy and decided to start the business of home furniture. Senyuan took the opportunity of Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition in Aug. 2007 to build the sales net.

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Happy Camp

一月 , 16th , 2007 -- 6 : 44 下午

“Happy Camp” Theme Restaurant (2007,12-2008,2) is a Chinese and Western restaurant featured by the famous entertainment show “Happy Camp”.
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Dong Ting

一月 , 16th , 2007 -- 6 : 30 下午

According to the advice from the constructive part, the building will be refined reasonably on the original basis. The new structure from the top to bottom will be: Fish-sighting museum, Aviary museum and exhibition museum.
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2007Nokia Workshop–ONLY PLANET

一月 , 9th , 2007 -- 7 : 18 下午

In 2007, Nokia Design carried out the ONLYPLANET Project in design schools from 12 countries by investing 100 million RNB. Hunan University, as the only representative of China, cooperated with Brazil’s PUC University and studied the service design under different culture background.

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