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Grace Space

四月 , 16th , 2000 -- 7 : 09 下午


Grace Space asked CD Lab to do brand design and management for them since 2000. After years of efforts, the annual turnover of Grace Space now is 20 times as it used to be, and Grace Space has become a new glary star in the industry.
Our excellent works made our customer believe in us.

CD Lab got the chance to help managing the internal affairs. We let design enter various fields of their works to increase productivity. Through four years of hard work, we had a deep understanding of China’s fashion industry and retail services. On the basis of the above mentioned, we successfully launched several new shoe brands including Eroetti, G3 and UOUO, which all became classic cases in shoe industry.
Our Work:
–Strategic Planning
–Brand Naming and Identification System Design
–Logo and package Design
–Products Classification and Analysis
–Annual Promotion, Advertising and Press Conference
–Image Design for Stores, Windows and Construction
–Establish SI Management System
–Training & Consultation

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