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Social Networking Service Design: from User Cluster to Service Cluster

十月 , 20th , 2009 -- 5 : 21 下午

Proceeding 2009 IEEE 10th International Conference on Computer-Aided  Industrial Design Conceptual Design

IEEE Catalog Number: CFP0949B – CDR

ISBN: 978-1-4244-5268-2

Library of Congress: 2009935511

Author: Ying Hu,Tie Ji,Lu Li

Date base: EI Compendex

Fifty years ago, Licklider illustrated a future image of on-line community. Warner concluded the structure of users’ “clique” and then we have a consistent way to define users. Until today these theories keep inspiring us when we need to find a way out facing with the global crisis. Nowadays social networking service has already become the focus point in IT industry, but most social networks are generally doing the same thing which lead to the waste of internet resources and users’ energy. The question is: how to design services that are really needed or expected by users? In this paper we discussed the changing of focus from user to service. The definition and structure of service cluster may bring some opportunities to the development of social networking service design today.

Keywords: social networking, service design, interaction,user cluster, service cluster

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