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HNU’S School of Design and Nokia NRC jointly held a Interaction Design Workshop

十二月 , 14th , 2009 -- 3 : 14 下午

On November 25th, 2009, the School of Design of Hunan University and Nokia Beijing Research Center jointly held a week-long Interaction Design Workshop which proved to be a great success.

This workshop is part of the Interaction Design Module for undergraduates, which aims to take the advantage of practical subject-cultivation method in the specific professional area to promote the students’ comprehensive capability, including their design fundamental knowledge and design software skills. The students took the practical design and research projects of Nokia’s Beijing Research Center as research subjects. Teachers from the School of Design together with designers and researchers of Nokia’s Beijing Research Center gave precious guidance and suggestions to students’ works. Thanks to this workshop, students gained more profound knowledge about interaction design and accumulated great experiences on practical ground.

Participant: (names) listed in no particular order

Leader:Huang Yijia
Director: Chen Jingjing
Member: Li Lu,Jiao Chenglu , Lu Xiao, Zhou Zhenhong, Li Hua

Leader:Liang Zhongwen
Director: Liang Zhongwen
Member: Wang Xiaodan, Wu Shanshan, Huang Hua, Yang Yanming, Xu Yang, Wang Zhongyu

Leader:Tan Zhihua
Director: Sheng Xi
Member: Xie Jingjing, Liang Qiao, Fu Jie, Fu Lei

Joy in
Leader:Liang Bing
Director: He Fang
Member: Liu Chunliang, Liu Jing, Zhang Yinzi, Yang Xu

Leader:Huang Minglan
Director: He Zhaoda
Member: Hu Tingting, Tan Zhengtang,  Zhou Ning, Wang Linglong, Luo Qingyi, Zhu Jingzhi

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