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“New Channel” series of Comdesign lab artwork take part in the exhibition of modern art

三月 , 28th , 2010 -- 11 : 39 下午

2010年3月20日晚8点,由湖南经视主办的“今生经视一定有缘”当代艺术九人展,在月湖之畔的千年时间艺术中心开展。Comdesign lab作品“新通道”系列受邀参展。
At 8 PM March 20.2010, the series”New Channel” from Comdesign Lab showed in the modern art exhibition organized by ETV started in the Millennium Time Art Center nearby the Moon Lake in Changsha HuNan.

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Cao Yong, Li Shaobo, Liu Ming, Liu Xun, Pi Yanxiang, Wei Chunyu, Wen Peng, Zhu Li and Ji Tie Nine famous artists and designers were invited  to participate in this exhibition which was planned by Li Shaobo and Zhang Jiake. Every participants took the advantage of their different professional character and expressive media, from different perspectives like Unit Device, Multi-media Image, Concept Art, Behavior Art and so forth, to synthetically interpret the “Yuan” between the TV programs and viewers.
Comdesign lab策划的多媒体设计展以“新通道”设计与社会创新为主题,向观众展示了“新通道”项目中精心设计和制作的网站、影像、音乐、书籍、摄影等系列作品,引来不少观众驻足。展览以一位侗族九旬老太太生动、大气的剪纸为切入点。当美国著名字体设计师Richard Willian Mueller的Fantastic Initials字体遇上侗族老太太的剪纸时,当摄影师的光影艺术遇上侗族老太太的剪纸时将会有什么样的惊喜发生呢?通过设计师、摄影师作品与剪纸的相互碰撞,诠释了设计者心中“人人都是设计师,人人都是媒体,人人都可以参与社会创新”的理念。希望借此展览能够引起更多人对通道这一有着浓郁侗族文化特色地域的关注。
The series “New Channel”  from Comdesign Lab with the theme of the design and social innovation, raises the audience’s enthusiasm considerably thanks for the elaborate production and diverse languish, such as the website, images, books, photographs and so on. The most interesting factor is the lively and vivid paper-cut which is produced by a ninety-year-old lady. You can imagine what magic will happen when the Fantastic Initials Type (designed by American Typeface designer Richard Willian Mueller) is confronted with the paper-cut. Trough the mutual collisions of the design, photograph and paper-cut, it gives a whole new idea to the designers that: “Everyone is the designer, Everyone is the media, Everyone could participate in social innovation”. We wish that this exhibition could arouse people’s interests in the Dong ethnic minority culture.

The exhibition starts form March 20th to April 5th.

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Comdesign lab 蒋友燏老师与策展人及其他参展人留影
Instructor Jiang Youyu (Comdesign Lab) and the other exhibition participants and planners

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Comdesign lab 蒋友燏老师向媒体介绍作品理念
Instructor Jiang introduces concepts of the series for media

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Comdesign lab 蒋友燏老师现场演示多媒体互动
Instructor Jiang Youyu shows the multi-media interaction

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Audiences take part in the interaction with the new media

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Audiences read the book

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