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Design concept from Comdesignlab has been selected as “PROMISING CONCEPT ” in LENS STUDENT DESIGN COMPETITION

十一月 , 14th , 2010 -- 8 : 37 下午

LeNS, the Learning Network on Sustainability, is an Asian-European multi-polar network for curricula development on design for sustainability focused on Product-Service System innovations. The student competition and Award is promoted and organized as part of the LeNS project, funded by the European Commission under the Asia-Link Programme, which aims at the development and diffusion of design for sustainability in design institutions.
The sustainable alternative traffic solution, design concept i-CO, which was co-created by Yang Qiuyue from Comdesignlab and Yue Wei, Zhou Shusan, Wang Xiaohan, Kang Ran from Tsinghua University, has been specially selected to be included in the LeNS Award Exhibition and Award Catalogue as a “Promising Concept”. The design work has been displayed during the Lens International Conference held in Bangalore, India.

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