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Francesco Galli

三月 , 4th , 1970 -- 8 : 18 下午

Francesco Galli

Researcher of the INDACO Department Politecnico di Milano and Professor from 2003 in many different master and courses with lesson in Rappresentation and Communication and Visual Communication.
Project Manager for the Consorzio Polidesign, Politecnico di Milano, for the MASTER MOVIE DESIGN 2003-2006
Lecture in Master Brand Communication, Master Art & Copy, Master Strategic Design, Master E- Design, Consorzio Polidesign, Politecnico di Milano
Professor international course for Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano “ Master Product Service System”
Executive manager of MOVIEDESIGN LAB
INDACO Department Politecnico di Milano from 2001
He carries out research activity within the communication design strategy culture and production of communication scenario for companies.
His work encompasses strategies and scenarios, rappresentation and visualization for new solutions in communication design.New scenarios create the convergence of language, technical, and strategical skill. Fusing design and interactive media, a collaboration that combined concept design, and communication strategy to address the social, emotional, national, and international issues involved in the re-design of the communication project.


Francesco Galli 为意大利米兰理工大学传播设计实验主任及传播设计方向学科负责人。他是意大利该领域最年轻的专家,曾经获得意大利杰出青年设计师奖,为法拉利等多家国际知名企业的设计顾问。

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