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Yuan Xiang

三月 , 6th , 1970 -- 9 : 15 下午

Yuan Xiang
Born in October 1978, graduated from School of Design, Hunan University in July, 2004 and stayed in School of Design as a teacher.
Received master degree.
From 2007 to 2008, studied in College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati as a visiting scholar sponsored by China Scholarship Council.
Major research area is design interface and interaction.
Responsible for the following courses:
Digital media design, web design, computer aided design etc.



1978年10月生,2004年7月毕业于湖南大学设计艺术学院并留校任教,获得设计艺术学硕士学位。2007年至2008年期间,获国家留学基金委资助,以访问学者身份前往美国辛辛那提设计学院(College of DAAP , University of Cincinnati)交流学习。主研数字界面与交互(Digital Interface & Interaction),主讲课程包括《数字媒体设计》、《网页设计》及《计算机辅助设计》等。

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