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Hunan Industrial Design Association

四月 , 8th , 2007 -- 6 : 35 下午

Hunan Industrial Design Association(HIDA) is a professional, academic and non-profit organization that composes of companies and institutions that dedicate to industrial design, social organizations and industrial designers, departments, entrepreneurs and social activists that support and care for industrial design in Hunan.Place: the 2nd floor of Hunan Science and Technology Bureau
Objective: exhibit the fruit of Hunan industrial design, provide a direct opportunity for people from all walks of life to appreciate the value of good design, speed up the construction of industry cluster in Hunan.
Approach of exhibiting:
1. Display real products or product models
2. Play documentary films, using multi-media and mass media for promotion
3. Interactive experiences

The exhibition hall is tuned in white, using contemporary construction materials to present the features of modern industry. Making use of sound, light and electricity to display the industrial products, which grants the exhibition hall a sense of modern and high tech and well shows the development and innovation of industrial design in Hunan.

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