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2007 Motorola Workshop

四月 , 16th , 2007 -- 7 : 10 下午

 On April 23th, 2007, Moto Innovation Workshop was started in School of Design, Hunan University. The workshop was hosted by UI manager Dennis Poon and senior UI designer Qiao Li from Motorola Beijing Design Center. 21 graduate students took joined the workshop.

Dennis introduced the original work flow of their design center at the very beginning of the workshop. He also gave a presentation about their innovative working methods, including user segmentation & persona, brainstorming, affinity diagramming, value proposition creation, concept development, storyboard, user scenario and cross-review concepts. After the introduction, participants were divided into 3 groups. They worked for innovative solutions for different users. The final report conference was held in April 27th.

Motorola Beijing Design Center is one of the five design centers of Motorola UI design department around the world. It consists of four groups, including industrial design, UI design, visual design and usability testing. The center mainly focuses on high-end smart phones facing Chinese market (for example E680, A780, A1200, etc.). The center also attaches great importance to cooperations with design schools in universities. In recent two years, its collaborators are Tsinghua University, design schools in Singapore and Thailand, etc. The workshop co-hosted with Hunan University is the first project this center has held with universities outside Beijing. They wished to enhance the communication between enterprises and universities, promote the cooperation between them while searching for future talents.

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