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Dayong Castle

一月 , 16th , 2006 -- 6 : 38 下午

West Hunan is a magic place bearing natural beauty and human history. There are so many places we want to protect and develop, Dayong Castle is an epitome. This is a process of traditional inheritance, as well as innovation. We’ll transform Dayong Castle into a cultural art centre as well as a business centre where everyone eager to visit.

Dayong Castle represents the thousands’ years of culture development in West Hunan. People may regard it as a remote place sites deep inside the mountainous area, but rich cultural heritage is waiting to be discovered by you. There are five minority groups in West Hunan, many traditional craftsmanship are enlisted in State Immaterial Cultural Heritage. Of course modern development and tourism will bring huge impact to this district, traditional culture is facing the danger of extinction.


No matter how Zhangjiajie expands, Dayong Castle will remain the centre of the city. It owns a glorious history as an ancient city and the irreplaceable Feng Shui. Deficiencies also exist.
First, the original name “Dayong Castle” is inherited from a cultural concept lacking of in-depth consideration. Besides, due to the limitations of land, the castle didn’t have a central axis, so that the mess of buildings lacks aesthetic charm. It also weakens the city’s advantages in Feng Shui. In addition, there is no symbolic building as a result it lacks visual impact. Moreover, it was not out of its original purpose to build Dayong Castle as a tourist sight, the density of buildings is high and no scenic spot was constructed.
CD Lab was challenged to create a unique positioning and identity for Dayong Castle, one that would be relevant to residents, tourists and businesses alike.

(1)Culture Packaging of Dayong Castle
Culture Repositioning: According to the inner character of Dayong Castle and the international and domestic operation of such projects, we repositioned its keywords as Situational Shops, Entertainment and Happy Purchasing.
(2) Naming of the Buildings & Streets: All buildings and streets are named by local characteristics. We were particularly fond of the old names that have been used in ancient history.
(3)Feng Shui Conditioning Program
(4) Setting and Atmosphere Creating of Situational Shops
(5)Performances: Splash Carnival, etc.
(6)Culture Packaging of Characteristics Streets and Inns
(7)8 Attractions and 8 Musts of the Castle

Architecture and Landscape:
(1)Museum of Dayong Castle
(2)Museum of Non-material Culture
(3)Situational Shops and Hotels
(4) Recreational spots and the Huajiu Lane

 Brand Communication Design
Our Philosophy:Study before design.
Dayong Castle epitomizes residential, folklore and customs. We got close to the 5 ethnic minorities in order to understand and feel their customs, analyzing their totem of cultural and traditional patterns. We studied the soul of their culture and finally condensed it into our design.

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