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四月 , 16th , 2006 -- 6 : 43 下午

This workshop is jointly sponsored by Design School of Hunan University and Politecnico di MILANO. we studied the present status of the PING-PONG ball sport in China and found out the potential market for Nike.

We made a survey about Chinese life status,  life styles and life attitudes in order to discover the internal relation between life and brands. The survey helped us to integrate Chinese life style into Nike brands by experience design and emotion design. These attempts helped Nike to meet people’s needs both in physical and spiritual.

Our prime tasks:
1.Market analysis.
2.Abstract the visual characteristics about PING-PONG. Use them both in the development of Nike PING-PONG market and PING-PONG related products.
3.Other design tasks: Experience design, Emotion design and so on.

We got three teams in this workshop.
Team 1: Responsible for market analysis.
Team 2: Carrying out the concept products design.
Team 3: Taking charge of the experience design and emotion design, Improving the designs by video,interaction and so on.

Members:Huang Fei,Tian Fei, Liu Feng …

The Nike PING-PONG workshop was a part of the NIKE WORKSHOP which was guided by Professors Ji Tie from Hunan University and Francesco from Politecnico di MILANO). The NIKE WORKSHOP was participated by 32 students from different schools of Hunan University, including School of Business Administration, School of Design, School of Journalism and ommunication, School of Foreign Languages and School of Broadcasting, File&Television Arts.

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