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Hunan Government’s English Website

八月 , 7th , 2008 -- 6 : 38 下午


In order to better connect with the international society, thoroughly carry out the policy of emancipating the mind and deepen the reform, the Hunan Provincial Government decided to build the English official website. The website is supposed to show the image of Hunan in an all-round point of view based on English interfaces, issue information about policies, announcements, expenditure, personnel appointment and removal to the world at large. Simultaneously this website provides services and information on investment to people both home and abroad. Online service is available to investors all around world.


1.Figure out what is needed by different types of users.

2.Realize the shift of government’s role from information platform to service platform.


CD Lab designed the new English official website for Hunan Provincial Government based on the needs and habits of foreign users. The website looks fresh and concise, the contents include the history, culture, economy, politics, tourism, lifestyle, recreations of Hunan. Virtual imaging is applied in the use of Hunan tourist map in order to show the beautiful sceneries and make audience feel like they are exactly on the scene.




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