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Delegation from Microsoft Visited Our School

八月 , 12th , 2008 -- 4 : 31 下午

On August 11, 2008, Eric Lang, general manager, Malek Chalabi, product designer, William Ngan, senior user experience designer, who came from the Startup Business Accelerator in Microsoft visited School of Design accompanied by Huang Xuedong, who is a visiting professor in Hunan university, honorary Dean of School of Software and general manager of research and development incubator of Microsoft Research U.S. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. He Renke, who is dean of School of Design, made a comprehensive introduction including the overview of the school, awards & honors, and co-operation experiences with international corporations. And then, Prof. Zhao Jianghong discussed issues on research fields with the delegates. Later, Dr. Ma Chaomin and graduate student Wang Shihui displayed workshop results to the guests. At the end of the meeting, the Microsoft Delegation showed great interests in deep cooperation with our school.

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