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Shanghai Biennale

九月 , 16th , 2006 -- 6 : 46 下午

In the evening of 6th, Sep, 2006, the students’ exhibition of “Hyper Design”, 2006 Shanghai Biennale launched its opening at the Shanghai Sculpture Space.

Shanghai Biennale is one of the most influential art exhibitions in China, enjoys high reputation in academic institutions, and is universally acknowledged as one of the most important international biennale in Asia. As part of the 2006 Shanghai Biennale, the students’ exhibition enabled the students to look into the future, tanks to the international platform of Shanghai Biennale the students can really take part in the discussion of design and art, design and the society, design and life, and further probe into the development of art from the perspective of design and knowing design from the perspective of art. Design schools from 26 countries, including China, French, England, America, Holland, Switzerland, Swiss, Finland and Australia, took part in this exhibition and brought more than 150 art works. The future genius use their unique imaginations, applied various formations, their works are totally different from those of the famous artists. This was the biggest intercollegiate communication in China, School of Design of Hunan University was invited too. An international seminar was held on September the 7th at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, it focused on “design education in globalization and localization”, “the cooperation of education and industry”, “hyper design and design education”. Dean professor He Renke presided the seminar.

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