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2007Nokia Workshop–ONLY PLANET

一月 , 9th , 2007 -- 7 : 18 下午

In 2007, Nokia Design carried out the ONLYPLANET Project in design schools from 12 countries by investing 100 million RNB. Hunan University, as the only representative of China, cooperated with Brazil’s PUC University and studied the service design under different culture background.

The workshop was started at School of Design, Hunan University in September 1, 2007. The launching ceremony was hosted by Professor He, the dean of the School. Nokia headquarters design manager Yan Qifeng took part in the ceremony. Over 40 participants of the workshop including students from School of Design, School of Business and Management, School of Computer Science, School of Communication and Journalism, etc.

Students were divided into 5 groups according to their different interests to discuss Chinese culture phenomenon separately.

After having determined their own culture prototypes, 5 groups made their efforts on user researches and interviews to figure out the potential demands. The final service and business mode were determined through the experts and user’s feedback. The participants made movies based on these.

January 17, 2008, the final defending conference was held in Hunan University. Students who had made outstanding contributions to the group were presented the awards. Nokia headquarters design manager Yan Qifeng, Nokia (China) senior design manager Totti Helin took part in the conference.
Feb. 7, representatives come from 12 countries participated Nokia ONLYPLANET reply conference. Nokia Town made by Manshow Group coming from Hunan University received praise because of its concern about vulnerable groups. Never Lost and M-Romantic made by Single Group gained the enthusiastic applause because of its unique effects.

The majority of the service designs, which were proposed against different cultures of nations in the conference, are new and fresh. It not only identifies the validity of basic strategy that radio communication technology is the underlying service design of Nokia, also illustrates that the gap between product exploitation and design system is getting shrinking and the best originality might comes from the common and under-developed areas in our world with the development of information technology. There are some elements, which would make consumers become the original motivation, such as the homogeneity of product hardware, the individuation and customization of service contents. With the variety of product exploitation and design system, the industry and education of design need to put more emphasize on the cognitive to different cultures and the research on the approaches and processes of exploring originality resources in society.

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