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Redesign the Environment & Service System for Zhuzhou Commercial Bank

四月 , 16th , 2004 -- 6 : 53 下午


Facing the era of knowledge economy, the development of small and medium-sized commercial banks is full of opportunities and challenges. We must make effective use of bank outlets, build core competitive power, reduce transaction costs and provide excellent customer service. Outlets should be changed to channels which provide maximize profits to customers while ensuring that consumers receive the same customer experience.

Through a comprehensive survey on the existing networks and the related customer contact channels, we want to gradually establish a balanced system of multi-channel business outlets with support of technology, capability to innovate, and cultural characteristics according to the brand strategy, then ultimately carry out the strategic shift of the new outlets.

Carry out the strategic shift from sales band to service bank.

Environment & Service System Design & Management
The environmental design focuses on service and the upgrade of the service system based on the computer and network system in a knowledge-centered society.

Related concepts:
Renovation works, VI, SI, Immaterial and Sustainable Development.

Features and design principles:
(1)Comprehensiveness: Emphasis the integrated ability to put service, environment and technology together;
(2)Affinity and interaction (one to one)

Contents and procedures:
Values and environmental design positioning
The layout of a network system
Market analysis and service system
Technical support and the transformation plan
Image and Symbols
Information release
Social recognition
Construction and management


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