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The Impression Bar

一月 , 16th , 2004 -- 6 : 58 下午

POO-OUR STORY…… As farmers waiting for the right condition so they can embrace harvest, Hunan University has waited too. But now, the time is right!

Join us for your harvest at Impression Bar.

Looking at the Yuelu Academy from Dongfanghong Square, a cozy house, located to west of the Chuixiang Pavilion, on the slope of Songlinzhai, the Impression Bar is right in your sight. That is the Impression Bar, which brings together the fellings of “HOME”, campus, culture, art, love and everything you want.

With ample sitting room, you can totally relax yourself on a sofa and enjoy ice water; gather your friends and enjoy talking and laughing; let colorful and bewitching wine make your loving feeling sweet and romantic.

Culture experiences, art exhibitions and D.V. movie show, Impression Bar may remind you of your lover once waited under the eucalyptus tree near your dormitory building, though you have been away from campus for long.

Everyone has their share of story, and we are willing to hear it. Share life, share happiness!

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