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Video Communication Project for Siemens BSW

九月 , 5th , 2008 -- 7 : 14 下午

BSW Household Appliances Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, it is a joint venture by Bosch and Siemens Household Appliances Group (BSH) of Germany and Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. It manufactures front loader washing machines and clothes dryers for Siemens. In the past decades, BSW obtained great developments on corporation management, market share and talent training. BSW needs to review the corporate achievements to encourage the staff while at the same time tell them about the new corporation strategy. 
1. We had to understand BSW’s history, corporate culture and value system.
2. We need to make a video that tells the stories between the company and the staff in a kind and friendly way, and reflect characteristics of people in BSW.
3. The video has to manifest the advanced managing philosophy and outstanding professional technologies in BSW.
Comdesign Lab designed a movie after investigations and interviews. Considering that BSW locates beside the Tai Lake and their management style couples hardness with softness, Comdesign Lab decided to compare the characteristics of the company to that of water.
The movie was divided into five sections. Five Chinese characters relate to water were selected as the tile to summarize each section. At the same time, each section is the explanation of one of BSW’s 5 principles.
“沁”indicates the care of the company to employees just like the flowing water. It explained the principle of “Our people are the foundation of our success”. In this section, policies in the Department of Human Resource are described.
“潮” indicates BSW’s attitude of aiming high and pursuing excellence, which manifests the principle of “We are pioneering innovators in this industry.” The works of Research & Development are introduced.
“范” refers to that the producing process of BSW strives for perfection, aims to be the benchmark in the industry. It expresses the principle of “our customers can trust our brand”. And department of Purchasing, Manufacturing and Quality and BSW’s Suppliers are displayed.
“济” summarizes that BSW always concerns the society and the world. The principle of “We bear responsibility for environment and the society” was manifested here. This section shows the company’s certifications on quality and environment protection, the efforts made by the Department of Process Management on energy saving, water saving and material saving, and also the company’s contributions to charity.
“鸿” indicates the company’s ambition to pursuit a magnificent future. It sets out the principle of “we value the sustainable development”. This section illustrates the future strategy of the company and encourages the staff to overcome difficulties.
To sum up, the structure is clean, the content is meaningful. It effectively conveys the essence of BSW.

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