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Hello Beauty

八月 , 26th , 2007 -- 6 : 01 下午

In the past 15 years, “Beauty Baby” became very famous in Changsha. But today, considering the further development of the brand, we focus on how to make it more fashion and unique. After redesigned the logo, we solved the problems existed through repositioning the brand gene and adjusting the brand’s structure. We also planned a series of activities to expand the influence of the brand.

Hong Kong Modern Beauty Baby (MBB) started in 1992 in Changsha, Hunan. Her business areas now cover Salon and SPA, coloring and styling, retailing, and education,. MBB aims to be the most authentic beauty & self-confidence supplier for Chinese people. Great efforts have been given to set up a brand image as a professional maker of fashion and beauty.

Unclear brand architecture and non-differentiating communication to the major target audiences were MBB’s major challenges. To make a change, the corporation renewed her name from “Beauty Baby” to “Hello, beauty!”. At the same time, CD lab was asked to create a new brand identity in order to clearly express the core elements of the brand. CD lab had to ensure the continuity of the brand image transformation.

1. Researches
The market of beauty salons in China was growing rapidly. The high-end market showed a really bright prospect.
Close relationship with local media, highly sensitive to fashion and excellent reputation among customers are the existed advantages of MBB. To expand the brand, MBB needs to pay more attention on international fashion trend. Meanwhile, MBB has to simplify the brand elements to express her core concept.

2.  Logo and repositioning the core elements of the brand
New logo: Beauty Jigsaw
The outline of the new logo is a dialog box, emphasizing the casual characteristic of “Hello, beauty!” Four characters are included by simple lines and various colored squares. Combined with the light green background, the whole logo looks vivid and pretty.
Core concept : Beautiful China,harmonious World.
Brand Genetics: Fashion,Enjoy,Active,Health,Special,Simplicity,Youth,Harmony
Slogan:Enjoy the beautiful time.

3.  Brand structure
We figured out the brand structure after investigation. Our further work will be based on this.
movie & music
activities & customer management
model & photography

4.Figure out the direction of design and auxiliary image:
(1). Develop a new visual symbol based on the existing logo; study and analysis the modern fashion. Highlight the brand’s characteristics–fashion and health through redesign;
(2). Based on the symbol mentioned above, combine it with photographs that can embody the brand’s characteristics, so as to reform the image of the brand;
(3).In regarding of visual features, unite hand-painting and mainstream propagation’s direction to make cards and presents–which is used while interacting with customers.

5.The change from Beauty Baby to Hello Beauty is the brand’s rebirth.
Change is not only about the name, but also represents a comprehensive upgrading from the brand concepts to the expansion of the business ideas. In such a situation, media publicity is critical.

Identify video
Demonstrate the strength of the corporate and promote a new image in shops and investment.
Logo video
The dynamic releasing of the new logo.
Interpretation of the corporate culture.
For TV and the media conference.

Black-and-white movie for renaming
Interpretation of the brand’s new name. For TV and the shop window.
Advertisement movie for children
Trailer of 15-year’s ceremony

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