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Product-Service System Design for Sustainability

三月 , 8th , 2014 -- 4 : 02 下午

Introduction to the book

Learning Network on Sustainability (LeNS) book PRODUCT-SERVICE SYSTEM DESIGNFOR SUSTAINABILITY has recently been published by Greenleaf Publishing. We welcome this new addition to Design-for-Sustainability teaching, research and practice, which we hope will provide fresh new insight, inspiration and impetus towards a more sustainable society.

The hardback book (ISBN 978-1-906093-67-9) is available forpurchase from Greenleaf here: http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/productdetail.kmod?productid=3943

A digital version of the book is available free of charge fordownload on the LeNS website: http://www.lens.polimi.it/index.php?M1=99&M=99&P=award.php


标题:Design and social innovation: Design practice and methods based on networks and communities

作者:Tie Ji, Qiuyue Yang and Wei Wang(季铁, 杨秋月,王巍)

文章下载链接:Design and social innovation Design practice and methods based on networks and communities

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